Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cheat Sheet

Think I am moving forward with Sedna now, thanks to the Cheat Sheet, which I found invaluable when rebuilding my demo systems.

Cheat Sheet

This document is essential for all of us whilst we are still learning how to get the new version up and running.

I have finally taken the plunge and gone with a separate Sharepoint VMWare, which is also my domain controller, and this configuration works really well. You do need a sizable machine (I am running on a dual core Dell with 4Gb ram) but the domain controller / sharepoint server makes it more like real life.

I am a little concerned about the numerous versions that seem to be flowing out of R&D recently, the second one released end of last week, 25th, with versions release on 8th April and 17th March. I would prefer to see these as hot fixes, as I don't want to go through the pain of installation again, and want a stable base to start really selling this stuff.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Pivotal 6 thoughts

Well, I finally have a demonstrable version of sedna up and running.

My Thoughts....

  • One click install - an improvement over the install nightmares I have seen in Windows clients.
  • Smart Client interface - very clean, very useable, very customisable
  • Forms - well, they could not get much worse than in Active client
  • Client / Server Tasks - once I have got my head around it all, I am sure, as we are in the .NET world, we can really take huge strides to produce efficient, complex solutions.
  • Ability to use vbscript / VB dlls
  • Sharepoint Portals - What a luxury!
  • Outlook integration - I think this is going to be the killer part for people to upgrade.
  • No Pivotal agents - The import utility is useful, but not a patch on what could be done in Pivotal agents on the fly. Leads to more work for customisers to do the bespoke import jobs.
  • Documentation - still pretty poor.
  • Need CMS 6.1 desperately.
  • No pretty looking Portals OOB, would prefer to see several graphs etc being used.
  • No undo in the form designer