Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Things that still don't work

I had an interesting conversation with an ex-colleague of mine that is working on Pivotal 6. Over a couple of beers, we compiled a list of things that we believe still don't work in Sedna, and really should, since we are on the second service pack and a couple of hotfixes.

I am compiling the list to embarrass Pivotal, in the hope that some of these things make it into a future release soon. Also, anyone moving to Pivotal 6 can put pressure on their partner or Technical account manager to get these things fixed. According to Pivotal, it is the things that most people complain about that get fixed first, which I read as "if you have a large user base, hence paying a lot of support, you may get your problems fixed", so I am hoping that this prompts others to raise these as Pivotal incidents and we may make a difference.

  1. Soft Required Fields - whilst a nice feature (putting blue blobs where you need information for a process) there is no way to remove them. You can remove them by setting not required, but that will also remove the required for save option.
  2. You still need a list & business object to create a query. Why? Business objects & lists have no bearing on Pivotal 6
  3. Can not transport a task, task group, command on it's own. For some reason, you need to transport a whole Taskpad, even though you can dynamically associate a command or task with an event in code.
  4. No undo on the Form designer. I was told this was too complicated to implement, but surely as it is only an XML document, it should not be too difficult. Even one level of undo would be a godsend.
  5. Can't cancel a OnFormIdRequested call. Back in 5.9, to display a form depending on the data of the record displayed, we used to use temporary forms, load them up, check out the data, then replace with the proper one. OnFormIdRequested was meant to replace all this mess. It works well for existing records, and even allows you to code form selection for new records, but if you want to ignore the request, returning null to the method gives you a nice error message. No way you can stop it.
  6. Image icons on the secondary list can not be included. This is the one that got my mate fuming. If you convert a form with icons on the secondary it works as it should. But try and implement a new one. The field to attach the icon is not available. (Don't tell Pivotal, but you can edit the XML to make it work)
  7. Tree control is not recursive. I would love to be able to deploy a control that had a fully recursive tree control, without code.
  8. Journal pages just don't work. Work OK for existing records, but not for new ones. This is my biggest gripe. How this got through QA I don't know.
  9. No server task for Outlook interactions - in the 5.9 days, you could mess around with the dll that was called when you linked an email to Pivotal, creating whatever records you wanted along the way. No more.
  10. Colour schemes. You can anyone colour as long as it is Blue. Backwards step. Where is the high visibility for partial sighted?