Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The New Year

Apologies for taking a time to post again, been a busy month for my family and I, and work has not been too good for taking a break as usual ;)

What are my hopes for Pivotal in the New Year?

Well I hope Sedna is as good as it promises and is not too buggy. I am expecting lots of little things that will only come to light when someone develops in the environment in anger. Lots of 'I can do this in 5.X, but can not seem to be able to do the same in Sedna', which happened for me moving from 3 to 5 to 5.9.

I am looking forward to working with Sedna, and hoping (a bit of a desperate hope I admit) that the documentation is up to scratch. Just a quick 'This is the stuff that is new, look at the one I made earlier' would be good, as in point the developer to OOB scripts that use the functions that you are documenting. It is so much easier to see a line of code in 'action' rather than making sure you are using the right object, have instantiated it properly etc etc.

From my previous rants, you will know that I want Pivotal to market themselves more effectively. I have invested a lot of my time and career in this product, and I want it to evolve and have more installations. Stagnation will happen if the thing doesn't sell.

I am hoping to have a play with the Pivotal AppServer Rule Conversion Tool (PACT) recently announced in the next couple of weeks, but don't hold out much hope. I am finally comfortable with .NET ASRs and know how different a VB6 one is. It may be converted, but it certainly won't produce streamlined code.