Monday, 8 December 2008

To Bordeaux and Beyond

Just read through the latest presentation uploaded to eService.

Bordeaux (not quite as far as Sedna) is coming, the new version of the 6.0 platform, which will replace the frankly old Sedna stuff. About time too.

It seems that this will not be a big rejig of the whole interface as in 6.0, but be a 5 - 5.1 - 5.7 transition. Keeping the back end the same, but adding functionality. Somethings that tweak my interest

  • Choice of Smart client & thin client (thin client is back!)
  • External data access - excellent, no longer producing bespoke asp pages.
  • Reporting services for reports - at last, getting rid of the Crystal environment. Do you think the price will come down as they don't have to pay Business Objects
  • Visual workflow - is this a pivotal agents replacement? I hope so.
  • Integrated dev environment - no toolkit? At all? Going to miss it.
  • Windows Mobile is going to be supported. Now just have to get support for iPhone, Symbian & Android to fully be a mobile solution.
No release dates yet, but I can not download the accompanying webinar, so might have missed some detail.

Hope Bordeaux is a better release than SP1, the treeview is really a big step backwards.