Monday, 16 June 2008

Generally Available

Sorry for the delay since the last post, the real world caught up with me for a month.

After attending the CDC Connect conference in the Williams Conference centre (what a venue, never mind all the cars etc, as a conference centre for that many people, it would be hard to beat) I was bouyed by the number of clients their for CDC in general, and Pivotal in particular. A good mixture of both clients I knew about and I did not.

Mathieu and Scott did a good job presenting Pivotal 6 again, but nothing new, apart from it was using the GA release. I think Mr Booth lost alot of people with his upgrade stuff, but it was good to hear my views echoed by a seasoned consultant such as him. He really made it clear that for WAM users it will be a big leap of faith for going to Pivotal 6. I am not sure that the investment needed gives you the benefits.

Maybe I am wrong, what are the views out there?