Friday, 11 July 2008

Been a while

Sorry there has not been any post for a while, been tied up with vacations and work.

With the 5.9 support deadline only a year away (that is for new HF / SP, and will probably move) I still don't see any of my clients moving to Sedna. Not sure how it is in the non-partner world, those supported by Pivotal directly, but there does not seem to be any push from us to get the upgrades going.

Most are taking the opportunity to re-evaluate CRM in general, and whether Pivotal is consider depends on the history between the supplier and client a lot of the time, rather than any technical considerations. If people can remember the poor service / support response they got, then they are blaming the product rather than the partner / Pivotal.

I am hoping Pivotal is marketing Sedna heavily in all communities, but I have not seen any.